Artificial Putting Greens

Amber Haney | 07/24/14

If you're taking golf lessons, you can practice putting on your artificial golf turf backyard putting green. Artificial turf has come a long way in the last several years.

Carol Dickerson | 07/22/14

We are experts when it comes to synthetic golf turf putting greens.

Amy Rogers | 07/21/14

Your drive is only one part of your golf game. You can go hit a bucket of balls and come home to practice putts on your own backyard putting green.

Charlie Broomhead | 07/19/14

The staff at the golf clubs store will advise you on clubs just like we can advise you on artificial golf turf.

Elizabeth Howse | 07/17/14

If you're looking for some helpful hints for getting the most out of every swing, try practicing your golf putting on artificial turf.

Cathleen Laplante | 07/17/14

If you go to a mini putt, you'll find that you'll play on synthetic golf turf.

Carla Gresham | 07/15/14

You should buy your golf clubs from a reputable sports shop, and your backyard putting green from us.

Celeste Gaspari | 07/15/14

You can practice chipping and putting on your synthetic putting green turf.

Heidi Hunter | 07/15/14

Improving your short game can drastically reduce your handicap.

Ellie Holmquist | 07/15/14

If you want to make your putt on the first attempt, practice in your own backyard. If you want an undulation in your synthetic putting green turf, just let us know.

Brent Funderburk | 07/13/14

You will be amazed at how real a synthetic golf turf putting green looks. If you want to improve your golf game, practice on your own backyard golf greens.

Anne Pennell | 07/12/14

A backyard putting green is one of the best golf practice items you can have.

Alice Dubois | 07/10/14

If you want to play better golf, get a backyard golf green made of synthetic turf in your backyard. We can install an artificial grass lawn in your front yard and synthetic golf turf in your backyard.

Fred Chang | 07/09/14

You can practice chipping the golf ball out of a sand trap in your own backyard when we install a synthetic turf backyard putting green.

David Haaland | 07/09/14

We know that repetition on the golf course can be tedious, so you should practice on your golf putting green.

Debra Halpin | 07/07/14

Our artificial turf putting greens are very affordable for installation in your backyard.

Greg Leininger | 07/07/14

You can practice chipping to direct the golf ball over an obstacle in your backyard. We can install synthetic putting green turf in your backyard so you can putt on artificial turf anytime, day or night.

Estelle Rickabaugh | 07/07/14

You will find that synthetic golf turf these days stimps almost the same as a real grass putting green.

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